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RCS is the World’s Largest Broadcast Software Company with products in more than 14,500 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and internet stations worldwide. With more than 800 professionals working from 23 offices around the globe, RCS is everywhere.

RCS invented music scheduling on computers, opening its doors in 1979 with the very first version of the legendary Selector®. This revolutionary product was designed for music radio stations wanting to have more control over their song rotations, while maintaining consistency and enhancing variety. Within the first year, Selector had its first station: an NBC-owned FM station in San Francisco.

In the last decade, RCS has reinvented the way broadcasters approach their craft with the introduction of new and updated software services. A hallmark of RCS from the beginning was the strategy to base product improvements on feedback from its loyal customers and experienced power users. This tradition continues with our next generation of award-winning broadcast software.

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