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1. Has COVID-19 reshaped your view on being a Performance Management and Growth Manager and what that means?
In the past my role was to look at the performance and growth of staff under normal life pressures and challenges, which in itself has not always been an easy task. Covid has brought so many more challenges, trials, mental and physical distractions and concerns so people do not think, behave or act the same. Everything first and foremost goes through the Covid filter before any action, decision or effort is made.

This thinking is filtered through personal thinking and experience, family and friends affected by the pandemic, news/fake news and continuous bombardment of media and others supporting or not supporting the protocols. The restrictions placed upon one and all and the impact of the isolation on people’s mental and physical health has been far greater than we could have imagined. When dealing with people one has to understand the underlying impact on their lives and encourage, motivate and stimulate them to climb above the new norm, and give of themselves in a different way and approach to help themselves and others climb above the noose called Covid!

2. How have you personally had to shift the way you operate in your job?
First and foremost, I have had to look internally and ensure I understand where I am at and deal with my reality. I cannot lift or encourage another of I am at a lower level to them. So personal clarity and personal wellness was the priority. Secondly my mind-set had to intensification on thinking of others as humans like myself, and understand that they too had challenges, hopes, goals, desires and fears which is natural. I have to see them as important as I am and therefore treat them as such. No judgment, no putting myself before them or treat them as irrelevant. They are not just vehicles to make me look good, or obstacles in my way, or irrelevant just because I do not like what they do. My focus has moved to a focus of how can I help others and ensure my helpfulness encourages performance and growth.

3. What positive lessons have you learned about your own potential and what you are capable of in the last nine months?
It has been a simple lesson but quite profound, that when I focus on others my own problems, challenges and issues seem to be less and I feel more fulfilled and encouraged to do more. I believe with this kind of attitude and approach my life has been awesome and I feel I am capable of so much more. Here’s to 2021!

4. How do you think The Abundant Media Group has moved forward from strength to strength?
This has actually been a remarkable journey. At first Covid was a reason to stay at home and see it through because like the flu it would soon pass. However a handful came to work and looked at how we could get through this new challenge, created a new vision and approach and started implementing and encouraging everyone leading from the front. There are always pioneers who don’t rest on their laurels but get up and do and I believe that this attitude started spreading and encouraging others and a new dispensation for TAG was born. Still we don’t have everyone on board which is life, but the majority have caught the vision and giving of themselves for the good of all, the business and our communities.

5. Do you have any significant plans for 2021 for your department?
In my role it will be more of the current with individual focus and accountability and building a middle management team (Manco) that works as a team to create new ways, collaboration, trust, accountability in their teams, leading from the front together. Manco is the key and I will help the key to fit the future.

6. What is your take on the awesomeness of The Abundant Media Group’s 360 Degree offering?
It has taken a long time to get the thinking right within the business. However, the Covid pressure with its challenges and not knowing if we would survive it, has help kick in the survival instincts and leadership hence the awesome ideas and strategies have come to fruition.

7. What changes would you like to see take place in the media landscape over the next 2 years?
Responsibility and authority and accountability given to Manco to run their businesses. In turn for them to school their teams on how to run their job as a business. The development of staff to increase their capacity. Talent management program. An annual conference to acknowledge people performance (proper venue and strategy conference). I have more but enough for now.

8. Parting comments.
I would like for TAG to be good communicators and have structures in place that would encourage that. Less corridor meetings and proper meetings that promotes action and accountability. An environment of gratitude and everyone giving of their very best without being asked!