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1. Has COVID-19 reshaped your view on being a Unit Head of The Insights Hub and what that means?
Most definitely, consumer behaviour has changed drastically & new channels to market have opened up which necessitate revised strategies

2. How have you personally had to shift the way you operate in your job?
Changes as mentioned above have forced me to look at strategies & content in a new light.

3. What positive lessons have you learned about your own potential and what you are capable of in the last nine months?
The ‘new normal’ has taught me that one can & has to undergo paradigm shifts in order to survive the future business landscape. I have become more dogged in the quest to turn ideas into reality.

4. How do you think The Abundant Media Group has moved forward from strength to strength?
It has metamorphosised quicker than it would have without the pandemic to the advantage of the business and its employees.

5. Do you have any significant plans for 2021 for your department?
To grow the insights base through meaningful conversations with community radio listeners and craft awesome brand content that resonates with the listeners

6. What is your take on the awesomeness of The Abundant Media Group’s 360 Degree offering?
We are able to cater for a wide range of service offerings that give brands a one-stop business solution.

7. What changes would you like to see take place in the media landscape over the next 2 years?
That media planners & strategists giving more attention to quality of audience as opposed to just numbers.

8. Parting comments.
We are definitely building up a business resource that will set itself apart in the marketplace.