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1. Has COVID-19 reshaped your view on being a National Sales Manager and what that means?
It has changed in so many ways and the title I have has now got so many different layers. Being 100% available to clients 24/7 and assisting with needs sometimes way beyond the scope of work has become the new norm.

2. How have you personally had to shift the way you operate in your job?
A careful approach to being permanently top of mind has assisted in clients calling on us now because we were there for them when it mattered most.  I’ve had to become so much more empathetic towards not only my team, but very much clients too. It sounds so cliched to say but “purpose driven sales” has become critical in understanding everyone’s needs and wants in a difficult time in our countries history.

3. What positive lessons have you learned about your own potential and what you are capable of in the last nine months?
I never realised how mentally strong I am, and how I’ve been able to navigate and lead myself, my team, colleagues and clients through a tumultuous period. I made a conscious decision at the beginning of lockdown to not rest until I’d gotten revenue streams for The Abundant Group on an upward trajectory and I believe this has been achieved.

4. How do you think The Abundant Media Group has moved forward from strength to strength?
Identifying the need for great collaborations and partnerships in my opinion has been Abundant media’s greatest strength during this time of uncertainty. Inter-departmental team work has definitely driven the company forward in a monumental way too.

5. Do you have any significant plans for 2021 for your department?
To become the ultimate “ticket office” for all of our clients (existing and new) media needs.

6. What is your take on the awesomeness of The Abundant Media Group’s 360 Degree offering
Being in the middle of it and mostly driving it I feel extremely proud.

7. What changes would you like to see take place in the media landscape over the next 2 years?
I believe the changes I would like to see are already happening. Clients have become a lot more discerning and educated with regards to the media landscape and this has helped media owners position platforms that actually engage audiences which in turn generates the ROI. “Nice to have” platforms are dying and being replaced by platforms that actually speak to the intended target market.

8. Parting comments.
I believe we already have everything we need right now in-terms of infrastructure and staff to become the “celebrity company” Trinity talks of – and this is a pretty awesome position to be in.